NY1 Reporter Roger Clark Trick Shot Goes Viral

Call it the legend of Roger Clark.

Most of us can only dream about making a half-court heave. The morning NY1 reporter has now done it twice live on the cable channel.

In his last bout with sports glory on Friday, Clark, while previewing the New York Liberty season, lets loose a mid-court prayer. Oh, did I mention it was backwards?

But this is no accident. Clark pulled off the same feat with the Harlem Globetrotters in December 2015. That time, though, he went “glass” for the crazy shot at a Brooklyn gym.

Last week, it was pure swish by Clark. Adding to the drama, anchor Pat Kiernan put the pressure on, saying he had 10 seconds left in the live window. Instead, he drills the basket in his first try as Liberty legend Teresa Weatherspoon, former player Kym Hampton and the team mascot go estactic. We can hardly wait for the encore!

Below is a montage of the basketball wizardry Clark tweeted recently.

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