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SNY Anchor Kirk Gimenez Caught Sending Inappopriate Twitter Message

KirkSNY anchor Kirk Gimenez is the latest person to take Twitter to the extreme. Gimenez’s seemingly embarrassment last night involved a would-be direct message that was sent to the Twitter masses. While we don’t know who Gimenez was planning to send the note to, it’s clear that he was enamored with her chest. The message is shown on the left via deadspin. Not only did Gimenez follow the standard operating procedure of deleting the awkward tweet, he went a step further by deleting the entire @KirkSNY account.

But we have Total Sports Blog to thank for grabbing the screen shot of Gimenez’s flirty tweet.

The comparisons were almost immediate to former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who tweeted pictures of his, um, “surname,” accidentally to all followers.  He resigned in disgrace in June 2011. Weiner has since started to test the waters for a mayoral bid.

A SNY spokesperson tells Tuned In that “the incident is being dealt with internally.” At this point, Gimenez has not been suspended.

In a “tail between the legs” moment, Gimenez claimed to be on a dare from someone at work.

Tuned In attempted to reach Gimenez.

Photo: totalsportsblog.com