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Embattled Reporter A.J. Clemente Heads Home to Teach in New York

aj-clemente-lgSome people would say A.J. Clemente has used up his 15 minutes of fame. That fame, after all, was created when he was fired last April from a Bismarck TV station for cursing on the air. Oh, did we mention it was his first night on the station or anywhere professionally?

Clemente became a media darling, whisked into the national spotlight with appearances on NBC’s Today and Late Show with David Letterman. A month later, when the smoke had cleared, Clemente oddly used his new found celebrity to tend bar in Delaware for $2.23 an hour (plus tips).

Now the Bronx native is heading home.

Clemente, 25, tells Tuned In that he’s about to teach a seven-week broadcasting course at a private school in Manhattan.

“It’s to help high school international students,” Clemente says. “They have passion for the media industry and I’m just trying to help them out as I’m trying to proceed with my career.”

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Gumbel: Matt Lauer is Going Through a “Difficult Time”

GumbelThe parallels are striking for Bryant Gumbel, who spent 15 years as co-anchor on NBC’s Today show with the current host, the embattled Matt Lauer.

Lauer has been under fire since Ann Curry was replaced on the program last summer by Savannah Guthrie.

Gumbel was stuck in the middle of his own on-air triangle 24 years ago when Jane Pauley got pushed off the show for Deborah Norville.

Tuned In caught up with Gumbel Monday at the Peabody Awards, where his Real Sports was honored with the trophy for broadcasting excellence.

Gumbel said he and Lauer are best friends, who talk regularly and play golf.

“He’s going through a difficult time,” Gumbel admitted. “But I think part of that comes with the territory. It wasn’t that long ago when I was going through the same thing, at the same place.”

Gumbel also weathered a scandal at the morning broadcast, when a scathing memo about personnel was leaked in 1989.

“It happens, it’s part of life,” Gumbel said. “Nobody’s going to pass the plate and feel sorry for you.”

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